When the Dead Sea Scrolls came to Charlotte in February 2005, they were to be displayed at Charlotte’s Discovery Place Museum. To meet the strict BAS requirements of the exhibit, Carrier contacted Pete Doane, President of CSG, to conduct a major upgrade to the museum’s building control system. In order to host the exhibit, the museum’s BAS had to demonstrate precise temperature and humidity control. The project began with the removal of the existing controls system and was followed by the installation of the new building control system on a tight schedule that had to be executed while the museum was in full operation. The project consisted of 9 new AHUs, 20 VAV zones, chiller and boiler plant controls, and over 600 controlled lighting circuits. For three months after the installation of the new building system, weekly temperature and humidity trends had to be sent to the Israeli Antiquities Authority before they would give final approval for the display of the Scrolls exhibit. With no disruption to the museum, CSG were able to replace the museum’s existing control system and meet the project’s strict temperature and humidity requirements.

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