The new City of Charlotte 911 call center is controlled with Reliable controls. The project consisted of (4) MACH-Zone RTU controllers, (2) SMART-Space Sensors, (1) MACH-Stat and (1) MACH-ProWebCom. With just the controls listed above we were able to take control of four RTUs including the economizers. With the flexibility of Reliable Controls we implemented a lead lag algorithm that switched two units as lead and two units as lag based on day of the week with emergency startup of the lag units on failure of a lead unit. Each pair of units shares a smart space sensor. We are able to display up to 10 user selected points on each Smart sensor, giving the end user an easy way to interface with the controls from the space. We displayed a switch now point on the Smart sensor, this allows a user to switch the lead lag operation at the sensor. We have custom programmed MACH-Stat controlling a small split system in the battery storage room. The above listed controls all connect into a MACH-ProWebCome. The MACH-ProCom has two networks one running to all the Reliable Controllers the second is configured as a Modbus connected to two integrated Liebert units. The MACH-ProWebCom allows a web interface to the system with custom graphics.

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